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Funding Your Business

An interesting journey - from visioning an association at the growth level for women in technology, in 2006 to having a vibrant group of women in technology, business and services in 2016. It is this dream that the 7 founding members envisioned to support the growth of women in technology, business, profession and services. There was a felt need for a platform to support at the growth level of women owned enterprises, especially in the area of technology. So, along with a team of like minded members, eMERG has provided an opportunity for entrepreneurial women, to network, both national and international, for business growth.

How much capital

There is no uniform “start-up” fee for building a business. Every business is different so different businesses will have different needs. It is important for every entrepreneur to first estimate how much money is needed before starting up. The next step would be to set a timeline for infusion of funds into the business. When would you require funding depends largely on the nature and type of the business. For example a manufacturing start-up will requires heavy investment upfront whereas a service start-up can survive on a lean funding.

Building a cash flow model

Determining how much money is required is no mean task. It involves juggling with numbers and creating spread sheet with future cash flows. However learning how to do spread sheets with help start-ups to save money and become great businesses.

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