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The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the Indian market supply chain and has created many new challenges and issues,especially for small and medium enterprises. The current especially for small and medium enterprises. The current sectors including hospitals, pharma, retail food supply chain,etc. Recent developments of locally developed products and technologies by MSMEs have gone a long way in supporting these needs. MSME units have been facing various challenges including raw materials, proper marketing channels, low productivity and quality issues, and process standardisation...

eMERG and Intel- Continuity as Partners

Intel has conducted several programs , in association with eMERG, over the past few years.

Each program has been an exclusive event that ensured the maximum benefit for the participating women entrepreneurs.

  • eMERG Network, Mumbai hosted a workshop entitled “ Get Smart, Outsmart” on May 4th, 2018 at The Orchid Hotel, Mumbai. Mr Ajoy Vakil, a Strategy and Marketing Consultant enlightened the audience on the tech tools needed for growth. Mr Girish Kulkarni, Purchase Manager Intel was present at the program and talked about the requirements to become a supplier to Intel.

  • eMERG Bangalore welcomed the new year with a path breaking event for WE’s on 8th Feb 2018 at Hotel JW Marriott ,Bengaluru. An engrossing panel discussion on The Simple bare necessities for Enterprise growth that included Mr Gowrishankar ,Sr Purchasing Manager, Intel, Ms Anjana Vivek of Venture bean Consulting , Geetha Kannan, Anita Borg Institute and Mamatha, Sr Manager KSFC, ensured that all the attendees were keenly engaged throughout the program.

  • The year 2017 ended at the launch of the Hyderabad network of eMERG on 15th December, wherein the women entrepreneurs of the walled city met at Hotel Taj Krishna to discuss and deliberate on matters that would encourage growth and scaling up. Intel ensured the support to make this program a stellar success.

  • The Mumbai network of e MERG conducted a session on 15th June 2017, in partnership with Intel, to highlight the various areas of interest for women who turn entrepreneurial.

  • The WE’s in the Delhi network of eMERG had a glimpse of the wonderful session, that was conducted at Hotel Eros , Delhi on 16th March 2017. Intel ensured that the program brought forth the best in the participants.

  • The year 2016 ended on a high with the interactive session on Design Thinking conducted by Pavan Soni , Innovation Evangelist, at Hotel JW Marriott, Bengaluru. About 60 women attended this wonderful session, where they were gently nudged into wearing their thinking hats to come up with out of the box ideas.
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