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What We Do

eMERG, the Engineering Manufacturer Entrepreneurs Resource Group, is the brainchild of a group of enterprising business women. eMERG was founded in an era when women engineers in India were still foraying in small numbers - into entrepreneurship. With hardly any eco system and support available, an exclusive professional networking space for women in engineering manufacturing was unheard of. Yet, the need to associate with others in the space, share the challenges, experiences and hard earned wisdom – led 7 enterprising women engineers to found eMERG in 2006, in Bangalore, India.

Over the years, e MERG has grown exponentially, and now is an association for women in technology, business, profession & services. As a Not for Profit organization, e MERG works to provide women a platform to showcase and develop their business and talents. eMERG regularly conducts training programs for the members, which provides them opportunities to learn about the current policies, funding facilities as well as training potentials available from the government and the non-government sectors. e MERG organizes trade delegations nationally as well as internationally which provides excellent exposure opportunities.

The Management

Rajalakshmi Rajasekharan – The captain of the ship - She is the President of eMERG. Vibrant and innovative, she steers the association forward with immense zeal. She is the CEO & Director of Fon-ess India Pvt Ltd.

Uma Reddy - The commander of the ship is the Founder President of eMERG. She is the live wire, energetic soul of eMERG. She heads Hitech Magnetics & Electronics Pvt Ltd, a manufacturing enterprise located in Bengaluru.

Dr.Sumitha Nayak - The navigator is the Vice President of the association. She effectively supports the Captain in all the association activities. She is the Proprietor of IdeaTech Associates, Bangalore.

Audrey D’Souza - The radio officer, is the Honorary Secretary of eMERG. She has more than 3 decades of experience in successfully steering a bi-national Chamber. She efficiently co-ordinates the different facets of the associations activities. She is the proprietor of Paradigm.

Ratna Sudha -The cash controller, is the Treasurer of the association, who ensures that all the accounts are maintained accurately down to the last coin. She is the Chartered Accountant with more than 16 years of experience in Accounts, Audit and Taxation.

Sumana Rao - The deck manager is the Joint Secretary. She is the Chief Relationship Officer at GrowthLeap Consulting Services Pvt Ltd and the Chief Marketing Officer/Director at her travel venture called Arius Holidays and Travels.

Asha V M- Chairperson, eMERG - Hyderabad network

Pearl Jindal - Chairperson, eMERG - Delhi network

Suju George - Chairperson, eMERG - Mumbai network

Sridevi Kalyan - Corporate Events, Chairperson

Pratibha Nakil - Mentoring, Chairperson

Nidhi Tatia - Training, Chairperson

Shilpa Sharad -

Sharadha Nutakki - Media Chairperson

Geetha Devi - B2B, Chairperson

Dr. K Priya - Newsletter, Chairperson

Chetana Marla - Membership, Chairperson

Rumi Sikhdar - Training, Chairperson

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